Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Starlight Mysteries

It breezed in during the night,

Without knocking at my door;

I was lying on the floor,

While the moonlight shone so bright.

T'was a feeling e'er so warm,

I had never felt before,

That which would immerse my soul

And completely steal my heart.

While your skin and mine,

Still treaded parallel lanes

I began to wonder why

Should I be feeling this way.

As the wind caressed our faces,

And the clouds all danced before us

In a show of shapes and hazes,

The night crawlers sang a chorus.

Not sure of what I wanted, yet

you somehow knew me better

'Cause even after all this time

You still hoped we'd be together.

And I cried beneath the stars,

by the moon's faint glowing light,

Wholly buried in your arms

Wishing it would be all right.

And although all the confusion

Still did prick me with its knife

I did know one thing for certain:

that I wanted you in my life.

Still a mystery to this day

As to what exactly it was;

I can barely even say

When and how it all began.

I will not deny it,

These feelings I couldn't foresee

But now that you're beside me

Love, I don't want you to leave.

Tears still stream down my face

Out of love. Out of fear.

Out of fear of losing you,

and the love I have for you, dear.
For all the things you make me feel;
All of which you know quite well.

In case one of these you should ever forget,
Remember to ask the ones that were there;
Remember to inquire the moon and the stars;
for you know very well that they saw it all.

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