Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Can't See the Stars Tonight

When we know what we want,
but don’t know where to start;
When they snatch from our fingers,
what we hold with our hearts,

Knowing what we mean,
and not knowing how to say it;
Knowing how to love,
but not knowing where to find it;
Beginning to shed the tears,
when nothing can be done;
May I ask you on this evening...
Where have all the stars gone?

It's gaining the courage to stand up,
when the battle is already over;
Losing each and every bet
with an army of four-leafed clovers
It's being buried alive,
when we're already breathing darkness;
Having driven us insane,
while we suffer from the madness

Wanting to scream out loudly
and not having the voice to talk,
Wanting to run away
yet lacking the strength to walk
It's trying to find the perfect words
to show exactly how we feel,
or dedicating the most beautiful song
to someone who cannot hear.

It's a lost gaze,




forced to disappear

It's pausing to realize why you began to write,
Understanding why it's so easy to stay up at night
It's when everything seemed to go alright,
And suddenly you can't see the stars tonight.

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