Sunday, March 06, 2011

Status Report

This weekend sucks. I wanted to study and I failed miserably. Then I tried to write something and came up with this poem which is a piece of crap that doesn't even rhyme.

Anyway it's raining A LOT, which is awesome. I wish I could go outside and dance my heart out in the rain, but apparently it'll be socially unacceptable by most people and unfortunately I'm currently in a place where they might see me so I'm just gonna stay inside and do nothing which is actually not awesome at all.

Any suggestions will be warmly appreciated! Have a great day.


  1. Hey, I might not post on my blog or comment on yours for a long time (meaning until Easter), because for us Catholics, it's Lent, which is a time of penance and giving up things that we love. But I might be able to comment on St. Patrick's Day.

  2. Hey, Susana! Thanks for following me.

    P.S. I'll probably comment on St. Joseph's Day, but not for the rest of Lent.

    P.P.S. My little brother loves your fish.

    P.P.P.S. No way! You like Awake and Alive, too? That's, like, my favorite song! And my sister wants to be just like Jen Ledger.

  3. Okay, it's St. Joseph's Day, meaning I probably won't comment until Easter, or maybe Easter Monday. See you then!