Sunday, January 03, 2010

What lies beneath the lies

The wind carries a song,
Void of words, full of thoughts,
They drain me from my energies,
My mind is at a loss.

When you walk through the door,
And your gaze finds my face,
Time stops, a warm breeze arrives,
And a beautiful song begins to play.

A dozen suns seem to shine,
And I start questioning myself,
Whether everything in this scene is real,
Or is it all just in my head. . .

Your eyes make me weaker,
And your voice drowns me deeper
Into this ocean of illusions,
Full of dreams of the daytime sleeper.

I'll stay up until the morning
Gazing up at the night sky,
Humming to myself the mournful song that plays,
Every time you walk away.

We're right next to each other
But hundreds of words
Months worth of truths
Fill the distance between us

Words that have yet to be spoken
Words I've kept from you for so long
Afraid it might not be the right time,
Terrified it might never be right at all.

Once again I sit down, close my eyes,
And place my hands over the keys.
Filling my soul with the joy of your smile,
I begin to play your favorite melody,

Hoping the notes find their way
Through the cold and the darkness of the night,
And upon reaching your window,
Finally make you realize

What hides between the silence
And lies beneath the lies.

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